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Patsy Peters "You need me - you've got a friend"


Patsy Peters is one of the most versatile female artists on the circuit. She is not only a great singer but she combines comedy with a unique communication with her audiences which makes her one of the most sought after acts here and abroad.

Patsy`s act has taken her all over the continent, the USA and she has appeared on many TV shows.

She has been promoting her new single and album on radio `From a Distance` has been chosen for a documentary in America.

The song on my Youtube "WhoWould Want" was written on a train  in Finland when I was touring  there.
I put the music and added the lyrics when I got back to London and made the album




Singer and Cabaret Entertainer

Patsy Peters began her career in her native Belfast, Northern Ireland. She started at a very early age as an Irish dancer winning several medals and then went on to perform as a tap dancer and singer. She came from a very musical family of singers and musicians. Her grandfather was a famous band leader and songwriter.

While still at school she toured Ireland with several bands. Moving to London she developed her career as a solo artist entertainer with her own unique brand of audience communication and comedy which has made her one of the most sought after female acts on the circuit. Her many overseas engagements have taken her throughout Europe and as far as Finland, the Middle East, America, and North Africa and on several ocean cruises.

Her new 14 track CD is wonderfully varied from a beautiful version of `Amazing Grace` to her beat numbers `I Can Help` and `The Bug`. `Silver Wings` and of course `Hurt` she has made her own and a moving version of `From a Distance`. This has been chosen as a theme for a documentary.

Patsy`s varied styles of singing can be heard on her other CD`s from standards and Jazz numbers to be found on the exciting `Night Sounds` if you like late night listening. For her fans of Irish music buy her unforgettable CD `Moon behind the Hill` not forgetting `Down Country Roads` with a lush 14 piece orchestral backing.

Patsy Peters Actress

Patsy is also a well known actress. She started by playing lead parts in School Plays and this fueled her appetite for acting. One year resting from a busy singing season she turned to taking small bit parts in `The Bill` amongst others and was soon in demand for character parts in movies. She also does commercials and voice-overs, watch out for her appearances on the Big Screen and at home on Television. She is often invited to be an After Dinner Speaker, which makes her a very versatile artist indeed.